Small Fields

We are playing on the small fields again today.

Wednesday Night Pick Up Games

Pick up games begin Wed March 11 at 6:30pm in front of Lowes. The current construction should not be an problem.

Games Canceled

Hmmm This is turning into a bad habit.

Games Canceled

We know, We know.... We have already heard from many of you who think we should play today. 29' feeling like 17' and there is blowing wind and snow. There might be pick up for you in front for Lowes today.

Games Canceled

The winds today are not going to drop off keeping the temperatures at or below 32 so we are canceling todays games.

We had just amazing weather today for our first games. These were one of our best beginning Spring season games.

Captains have their rosters and players should be contacted this week. If you have not been contacted by Friday, contact the board via the site.

Thank you to all of those who have responded to our inquiry about missing multiple games. We changed game dates around so teams would not be very short. The schedule is now posted. Captains will be notified later today early tomorrow about team formations.

Spring Registration is Closed

Spring registration is now closed. Teams are being formed. Captains will be notified this week. Games tentatively scheduled for February 8.

We have only a few spots on teams still open. Registration closes automatically at midnight.

Congratulations to Alisha C. for being the first to register this Spring season.

Spring Registration is Open

Spring registration is now open. Please remember to fill out the registration form in full as failure to do so may cause your registration not to be processed.

After you have registered and paid a email will be sent acknolwedging your registration.

Answers to a few common questions...

  • Registration is online and available during registration dates.
  • Just sign up and you will be placed on a team.
  • We have beginners and experienced players alike. Ages 16 to 65.
  • Jerseys are provided.
  • Ten game season, each half is 40 min.
  • Insurance provided secondary to yours.
  • $50 all inclusive registration fee.
  • $20 cash jersey depost paid at first game, return on final game.
  • Registration opens January 15.
  • Registration closes January 30.

Registration Notice

BASL spring registration begins January 15 and ends January 30. Price is $50 + $20 cash shirt deposit to be returned your last game of the season. Games begin February 8.

We had a good meeting tonight. We discussed the issues for the season and made some plans for the upcoming season.

Next meeting will be in January before the season begins.

2014 Fall Season has Ended

It was a absolutely wonderful day for our final games. Purple game out on top and I think next season we'll see some Sherrill control from that team. Our last minute, two week late into the season Yellow team came out 5 and 5. We had a lot of new players, some returns from years past and that really changed the dynamic of the league.

Pick up games start next Sunday, November 16 at Lowes field starting at 2pm. Just come out and play. Bring your soccer boots but no shin guards required. We do we a lot of passing and playing around during these games. Just come out and have fun.

Spring registration will be posted the last of December, early January. Notices will be sent out.

End of Season Board Meeting

Our end of season meeting will be Wednesday November 12, 6:30pm at the Library in Room B.

Topics to include:

  • Game scheduling
  • Make up games
  • Posting of results
  • Team development
  • Field conditions

The meeting is scheduled to last 60 min.

One Week To Go!

Today was the last of the regular games and next week will complete the makeup games for the season.

Registration for the Spring will be the last two weeks of January unless we are having a very mild winter and then we might move it up. Games begin in February and are dependent on the weather.

Our ref today thought it was a bit cold....

Pickup Game

Sunday, 2pm @ Adams Lake.

We have received several emails about the last two game date cancallations. For full disclosure, we will be posting why a game is canceled for all future games.

October 5: Lt Blue and Purple both canceled due to a serious shortage of players. It was best for us to cancel weekend instead play one game for Dk Blue and Red.

October 12: fields 9 and 10 are holding water and the kids club is not maintaining field 13. Fields 12 and 13, because of their current state of maintenance, are also holding water. The kids club site says the fields are open but only one of the U12 fields are actually in use. They do not have adequate way to represent the conditions of all the fields except for Open or Closed. For this reason, the BASL does not refer to their site.

October 19: There are no games because it is the final day of Fall Break. The last weekend of school breaks have more canceled games than the first weekend.

Games Canceled

Todays games have been rescheduled due to the field conditions posted from yesterday.

Pending Games...

We are monitoring the field conditions having walked them this morning and again tonight. Strong possibility we will not play tomorrow.

Teams are being formed and captains will receive their rosters in the next two days. Players will be notified by their captains about their team assignment shortly thereafter. The schedule will be updated by tomorrow.

Registration is Now Closed

The BASL registration is now closed. All teams have been filled. If you were not able to register you may contact the league so that you may be notified when a position is available. It happens often during the season that a player leaves for many a reason and we must fill the position immediately.

If we have enough players we will create another team.

Registration is Now Open

The BASL registration is now open.

Fall Registration

Registration opens midnight Thursday. The online registration link will be active then.

Fall Season Registration

  • Reg Begins: July 18
  • Reg Ends: July 31
  • Season Price: $50
  • Year Price: $80
  • Jersey Deposit: $20*
  • First game: Aug 10*

The BASL does not sign up teams, only players. All you have to do is Sign Up, Show Up, and Play. We handle the rest. As a player, you are assigned a jersey and placed on a team.

New Registration System

The BASL in March agreed to fall under the Washington County Soccer Club, the local kids soccer club, to obtain our insurance and to have better communication between the organizations. Per this agreement, we will be moving to a new registration system.

For many weeks we have worked towards this transition in preparation for our fall registration. This is very important to our club as any registration set back would cause our games to start late. The BASL feels very strongly about protecting the playing fields. We do cancel games because of weather and we have those cancelations built into our schedule. Even with built in days though we can run out of time. For these reasons, we start playing in August and look forward to a very smooth registration experience.

Season is now Over

Unfortunately the rain stopped the first game and the second cell fell apart just a little bit into what would have been the second game.

Fall Season Registration

  • Reg Begins: July 18
  • Reg Ends: July 31
  • Season Price: $50
  • Year Price: $80
  • Jersey Deposit: $20*
  • First game: Aug 10*

* The BASL is all inclusive. All fees are covered in your registration payment. The league provides on loan a jersey for the season. At the first game you put down a $20 cash deposit when picking up your jersey in case you walk off with the jersey. You receive this back at the last game of the Fall season when you turn in your jersey.

* Weather permitting, subject to change.

Schedule Update

Schedule updated to reflect Dk Blue cancelation.

Final Game Time Changed

Game times for Sundays game have been changed so everyone can catch the USA game.

Games Canceled

Games are canceled for today. See the updated schedule.

End of Season Meeting

Our end of the season meeting is this Wednesday, June 11 at 6pm in the upstairs meeting room of the Library. Topics include:

  • Reports
    • Financial Report
    • Games Report
    • Shirts Report
    • Player Report
  • Game rules update
  • Discuss team development
  • Clarify refund policy
  • Pick Up Rule
  • Vote on change to Bylaws
  • Fall referee updates
  • Disucss how we decide on game cancelations
  • Vote on merger with WCSC - (kids soccer club)

We will be monitoring weather conditions for tomorrows games.